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Troy University Guests. Request Help. Office of Information Technology Services. Document Imaging Set of applications designed to facilitate the collection of university documents. E-mail Office Learn more about how to access and setup your Trojan E-mail account. Technology Quotes Requests Technology Quotes for your technology needs.One of them, Troy Jones, a year-old aspiring photojournalist, remembered Brown from the scrimmage line. Finally, tired of laying siege to Troythe Greeks build a large wooden horse, leave it outside the city gates, and go away.

When Odysseus journeyed back from Troyhis men tied him to the mast of his ship when the Sirens tempted him to leave it. Some authors relate, that after their return from Troy they colonized the Gymnasian islands. And the men of Troy and the Latins cried out when they saw him strike. Hastily harnessing the chariot, he led him back safely to Troywhere the body was laid upon a bed in Hector's palace.

The story of the siege of Troy and of the great events of Homer's Iliad. Great joy was there in Troy when it was noised abroad that the men of Greece had departed. The ancient city inhabited by the Trojans; the site of the legendary Trojan War see also Trojan War of classical mythology. The ruins of Troy were found in the nineteenth century in the western part of what is now Turkey.

Advertisement top definitions quizzes related content examples explore dictionary british cultural troy. Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6—12 to find out! Origin of troy —; Middle English troye, after TroyesFrance, where it was standard.

Words nearby troy trovetrovertrowtrowbridgetroweltroytroy game, thetroy weighttroyestroyontrp. Latin Ilium. Greek Ilion. Words related to troy avoirdupoispintuncia. One Went Missing There. Stories from Virgil Alfred J. Authors of Greece T. Myths and Legends of All Nations Various.Outstanding student support and advising are the cornerstones of TROY's online learning environment.

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Elements of her putative biography come from classical authors such as AristophanesCiceroEuripidesand Homer in both the Iliad and the Odyssey.


In her youth, she was abducted by Theseus. A competition between her suitors for her hand in marriage saw Menelaus emerge victorious. All of her suitors were required to swear an oath known as the Oath of Tyndareus promising to provide military assistance to the winning suitor, if Helen were ever stolen from him.

The obligations of the oath precipitated the Trojan War. When she married Menelaus she was still very young; whether her subsequent departure with Paris was an abduction or an elopement is ambiguous probably deliberately so. The legends of Helen in Troy are contradictory: Homer depicts her as a wistful, even sorrowful figure, who came to regret her choice and wished to be reunited with Menelaus.

Other accounts have a treacherous Helen who simulated Bacchic rites and rejoiced in the carnage she caused. Ultimately, Paris was killed in action, and in Homer's account Helen was reunited with Menelaus, though other versions of the legend recount her ascending to Olympus instead. A cult associated with her developed in Hellenistic Laconiaboth at Sparta and elsewhere; at Therapne she shared a shrine with Menelaus.

She was also worshiped in Attica and on Rhodes. Her beauty inspired artists of all times to represent her, frequently as the personification of ideal human beauty. In medieval illustrations, this event was frequently portrayed as a seduction, whereas in Renaissance paintings it was usually depicted as a "rape" i.

The etymology of Helen's name continues to be a problem for scholars. Linda Lee Clader, however, says that none of the above suggestions offers much satisfaction.

Others have connected the name's etymology to a hypothetical Proto-Indo-European sun goddessnoting the name's connection to the word for "sun" in various Indo-European cultures. The origins of Helen's myth date back to the Mycenaean age. Her mythological birthplace was Sparta of the Age of Heroeswhich features prominently in the canon of Greek myth: in later ancient Greek memory, the Mycenaean Bronze Age became the age of the Greek heroes.


The kings, queens, and heroes of the Trojan Cycle are often related to the gods, since divine origins gave stature to the Greeks' heroic ancestors. The fall of Troy came to represent a fall from an illustrious heroic age, remembered for centuries in oral tradition before being written down.

Archaeologists have unsuccessfully looked for a Mycenaean palatial complex buried beneath present-day Sparta. In most sources, including the Iliad and the OdysseyHelen is the daughter of Zeus and of Ledathe wife of the Spartan king Tyndareus. In the form of a swan, the king of gods was chased by an eagle, and sought refuge with Leda. The swan gained her affection, and the two mated. Leda then produced an egg, from which Helen emerged.

Nevertheless, the same author earlier states that Helen, Castor and Pollux were produced from a single egg.

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In the CypriaNemesis did not wish to mate with Zeus. She therefore changed shape into various animals as she attempted to flee Zeus, finally becoming a goose. Zeus also transformed himself into a goose and raped Nemesis, who produced an egg from which Helen was born. Asclepiades of Tragilos and Pseudo-Eratosthenes related a similar story, except that Zeus and Nemesis became swans instead of geese.

People believed that this was "the famous egg that legend says Leda brought forth". Pausanias traveled to Sparta to visit the sanctuary, dedicated to Hilaeira and Phoebein order to see the relic for himself. Two AtheniansTheseus and Pirithousthought that since they were sons of gods, they should have divine wives; they thus pledged to help each other abduct two daughters of Zeus.

Theseus chose Helen, and Pirithous vowed to marry Persephonethe wife of Hades. Theseus took Helen and left her with his mother Aethra or his associate Aphidnus at Aphidnae or Athens.She was daughter of Zeuseither by Leda or by Nemesisand sister of the Dioscuri. As a young girl she was carried off by Theseusbut she was rescued by her brothers.

She was also the sister of Clytemnestrawho married Agamemnon. During an absence of Menelaus, however, Helen fled to Troy with Parisson of the Trojan king Priam ; when Paris was slain, she married his brother Deiphobus, whom she betrayed to Menelaus when Troy was subsequently captured.

Menelaus and she then returned to Spartawhere they lived happily until their deaths. According to a variant of the story, Helen, in widowhood, was driven out by her stepsons and fled to Rhodeswhere she was hanged by the Rhodian queen Polyxo in revenge for the death of her husband, Tlepolemus, in the Trojan War.

The poet Stesichorushowever, related in his second version of her story that she and Paris were driven ashore on the coast of Egypt and that Helen was detained there by King Proteus. The Helen carried on to Troy was thus a phantom, and the real one was recovered by her husband from Egypt after the war. This version of the story was used by Euripides in his play Helen.

Helen was worshipped and had a festival at Therapnae in Laconia ; she also had a temple at Rhodes, where she was worshipped as Dendritis the tree goddess. Like her brothers, the Dioscuri, she was a patron deity of sailors. Her name is pre-Hellenic and in cult may go back to the pre-Greek periods. Helen of Troy. Article Media.

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Thank you for your feedback. Helen of Troy Greek mythology. See Article History. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. In exchange, Theseus descended to the Underworld with Pirithous to help his friend rescue Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demeter.

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