Sansui 500a

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Reviewed Jul 23rd, by vinyl master. I must say that for a 60's amplifier, this thing kicks butt! A solid, well-built receiver that does everything right The tuner section alone is to die for and it picks up lots of stations It is in my main system now and the guy I bought mine from was the original owner, who had it gifted to him from a brother stationed in Guam It had been overhauled by one of the best audio shops in this area, too So complete and perfect!

It is a great conversation piece, I might add, and well-worth buying if you see one for the right price in your area If you buy one, though, check to see if the replacement F driver boards have been installed Not a dealbreaker if they aren't, but they're good to have!

IMO Sansui never really made a bad product in the late 60's-early 70's and this one is a crowning jewel in their line-up A real workhorse AND heavy, too, but I love it! Reviewed Jul 13th, by jammonz. Long story short Oh the humanity!!!!! Never really knew how high the wattage was per channel I was pleased every time I turned it on!

sansui 500a

I would give this a 10 but they don't swim, LOL!! The years I owned it was during a time that I was introduced to the Sansui line and they have some good ones IMHO from the 60', 70's and then?????

Not terrible! I haven't heard anything that was as pleasing as this model since Can almost put them in the same category as the G series owned G, G and Reviewed May 28th, by bmaui I have a few Sansui Integrated amps and receivers besides this one.

It was built in Seemed reasonable enough. Kinda dirty. Let it sit for 7 weeks before I hooked it up.Discussion in ' Exclusively Sansui ' started by Overundr1Sep 20, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 2, Location: Mississippi. Picked up a Sansui A green dial freebee over the weekend from a little old lady who said it had been stored away since the Vietnam era.

Absolutely perfect condition, dare I say brand new in appearance. Sat it on my workbench, pulled the covers which showed no signs of anyone ever having been inside the unit. Toyed with the idea of plugging it in however common sense prevailed and looked through the forums for guidance. Read about cap explosions, fires and other assorted mayhem with old tube gear, and being a transistor kind of guy I thought I had better ask first. What is the safe way to bring this unit online? Oh, btw she also had in a folder containing the original operator's and service manual along with set up sheets, warranty cards etc.

Overundr1Sep 20, Here ya go Thanks for the link, glad I did not just power up to see what would happen. Any suggestions as to a variac for the bench? Been meaning to get one for a while now and at a loss as to amperage needed.

Overundr1Sep 21, Messages: 1, Location: lake worthflorida. I will put up pics probably tomorrow night, band practice tonight and called one of my in town contacts who has a variac he will let me borrow for free Really is a pretty piece, I can't believe the point to point wiring in this reciever. Already cruising the service manual and diggin for caps. Over the course of several hours I brought the a up on a variac yesterday. When I finally got to line voltage levels I placed the output tubes in their sockets and crossed my fingers.

Lights came on, tubes all started glowing and she came online. Hooked up a set of test speakers and gave a listen. FM reception was amazing, far better than the Kenwood tuner I usually use.This is the very highly thought of Sansui X. It was produced from around up until about and puts out about 35 watts per channel.

A common refrain for this receiver is: Sounds bigger than it is! The features on the X are fairly basic but are all you really need in a good receiver. One of the most commonly asked questions about the x is what is the difference between it and the A and ?

Well, not a whole lot actually. The Sansui came first and the A and X were slightly improved versions of that model. Not too big a difference. The has a different front panel layout with the push buttons in a different spot than the A and X. There are also some minor circuit board modifications. Design wise the A and x have full blackout across the face with a black tuning knob. Here is the …. All of the models used somewhat lower quality capacitors which, if original, would probably be best replaced by now.

Also, they are known for having some transistors that have gotten noisy with age. Specifically the 2sc transistors. There are a number of modifications and upgrades that can be done on the X. Also, a good discussion on replacing the transistors is HERE though it covers the the idea is the same. The Sansui X is a well regarded receiver.

If you have it recapped and some of the upgrades noted above done then it will be a fantastic performer for you. I have A and im very hapy with it!! How can i fix this issue? Is easy to do. If its a cap issue, etc. Simple, Japanese engineers then made a fundamental mistake, I have discovered and thoroughly overcome this hiss. Everything will be successful.

This is really a rugged, reliable receiver. I stumbled across mine quite literally, as it was sitting on the floor in a thrift store. I figured for a fiver, I could see if it would even power up. Short story, it has worked great for over 3 years now. I just recently replaced the s on the tone board and amp.

Still, not bad for a 48 year old receiver. I still have my x bought new in It will still blow the windows out of the house… back in the day, I was told by a tech it had 77 watts RMS per….

Sansui 2000X

Over the last 46 years it has destroyed 5 pairs of speakers including big Cerwin Vegas, blasting everything from Led Zep thru the Overture!Forum Rules. Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Sansui 500A

Thread: Sansui A Receiver. It will need a good cleaning because I see a lot of dust and dirt inside. The wood case has some scratches here and there. Another silver receiver in my collection. Here is a picture:.

sansui 500a

Nice pick-up! A very nice receiver that you will enjoy listening to. My Dad brought one back with him after a tour overseas and it was the mainstay in the system I listened to growing up. My little brother picked one up last year and uses it to push some AR-3's. I just cleaned it. It was so dirty. Now I have to replace 3 bulbs and I am done with it. It has a lot of power and bass. Similar to my DB except the switches for the bass and the dolby.

Sansui 5000A

Nice pickup. The old Sansuis were pretty decent. I've still got a Sansui QSR four channel receiver in my garage setup. Have never had a problem with it since I got it way back in the late 70's.

The simulated quad is not that great, but it's real nice having seperate volume and tone controls for all 4 channels. Music: Magnepan 1. On the picture up half of the light weren't working. I changed all of them and now everything works as it is supposed to be. The receiver was so dirty inside when I got it. I think it was staying in a barn or something because I found a lot of grass, death spiders, net and death bugs. I gave it a very good cleaning and it is like new.

Luvin Da Blues. Did you clean the switches and pots with contact cleaner? Yes, I cleaned everything. They volume, bass and treble levels were cutting a little but after the cleaning they are perfectly working. Now the A is staying over the DB. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Bill Music: Magnepan 1. Back in my day, we had nine planets. Latest AudioReview Articles.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Queens, New York.

Scroll down in this auction and read the seller's comments. BeatleFredFeb 8, Location: 2nd Star to the Right. Gary FreedFeb 8, Location: A home filled with Luv 'n' Vinyl. I have an AU Remarkable piece still, with extremely sensitive, subtle range and some ass-kickin' power. Use it for nighttime headphone listening with the Stax phones though I admit not much anymore unless there's suddenly a question about the guitar on "Within You, Without You"--but that's another thread.

The front of the AU looks almost identical to mine, with the same controls and design. If it works, well worth owning, and versatile for what it is. Also reliable: very hassle-free. Ed BishopFeb 8, Its a long story about what happened to them- but Isao, the person who hosts the site, posted some information. I plan on working with him in the future in order to make the site even bigger and better.

If you like vintage hi fi- then by all means visit: www. Location: New York, NY. I still have a Sansui turntable. The were always considered a great brand back in the 70's.

Shame the name is never heard anymore. JohnGFeb 9, Szeppelin75 likes this. Location: Boston MA. TullmanFeb 9, This is a big one: a Sansui A combination vacuum-tube amplifier and receiver.

Sansui a. I got it for a lot less because nobody cared at the time. So if you are a fan, promise you mean to rebuild it, and can pick it up, I will give it to youbecause I hate seeing things like this go to waste.

Last I fiddled with it which was, um, six or seven years ago? Aheh it actually powered up and tested pretty okay. BUT: those large-can capacitors are well past end of life and should be replaced before trying again. Also, any smaller electrolytic caps should get the same treatment. They have a really good reputation as project amps on Audiokarmatoo — generally considered well worth restoring for personal use.

Smooth as a new doorknob. Also, honestly — you want to know how people could listen to AM radio? Listen to it on a machine actually built for that sometime, and meaning it.

Perfect for KIXI.

sansui 500a

It has phono input, general-AUX input, and a tape monitor input, so you have some options. Many inputs! Also, I need to edit the post; the Sansui got claimed yesterday.

Why Vintage Sansui Amps are Superb

I would gladly pay the shipping. Is this located? I personally had one way back in when I was in Vietnam, I sure do miss that quality sound it produced. As above, it has already been claimed, a few months ago. I added a strike tag to make it more obvious.

I almost wish I had more than one to give away for restoration — it is a lovely device! Hi there, by any chance would you happen to have a PDF copy of the service manual or would you know where you obtained your copy from?

I have a a I am restoring and it could be helpful. But you can see in the first photo, on the cover of the service manual, the website I got it from agtannenbaum. Smooth as a new doorknob Also, honestly — you want to know how people could listen to AM radio?

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