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This is a Husqvarna also has their BVx which pushes cfm at up to mph. When we reviewed the original EGO 56V cordless system a while back, we were particular impressed with the 56V cordless blower. It had the ability to move cfm. For a cordless blower, that represented a new level of performance on a battery powered product.

In fact, most entry-level and even midrange backpack blowers push CFM or less air, though some of those are rated to higher speeds. You can always throttle up airspeed by adding a nozzle on the end of the tube—something, but the way, EGO plans to offer in Q4 for this new blower. To achieve cfm—and do it for any reasonable amount of time—means that the EGO LB 56V brushless blower was designed efficiently enough to push a high quantity of air through it with the limitations of a handheld form factor.

The output levels of this blower are so low during use that you can theoretically run it between hours without hearing protection in Boost mode. Now you just pop in a battery and pull the trigger. We like that a lot better.

I mean, come on, what are you going to do…accidentally blow on somebody? The trigger fires up the blower to whatever speed is set by the sliding switch—similar to how a variable speed barrel-grip jigsaw works. More on this later.

I want to mention the new battery that is debuting with this tool as well, because it represents more than just a small bump in run-time or potential power. The result is that you can use the blower for an extended period of time and feel very little vibration.

Power is plentiful as you can probably tell from the specs, but using the EGO LB 56V blower is what really translates those numbers into real-world experience. Still, I know that a lot of people want to crank these tools up to as high as they go and leave them there. I got around 10 minutes in Turbo, but during the process, I found I had to place the back of the tool on my thigh because it gave my arm such a workout. EGO claims up to 75 minutes of run-time with the included 2.

I have no reason to doubt that given the numbers and what I observed from it in higher speeds. The new brushless EGO LB 56V blower looks cooler, blows harder, and runs longer than its predecessor…and we loved its predecessor.

You finally get the run-time you need for it to be practical, and even though gas is currently on a downward spiral, the price of recharging a battery is far less than a tank of fuel any day of the week. Add to that the convenience of not having to worry about winterization, and you have a powerful case for ditching two-cycle for lithium-ion this leaf blowing season.

When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father, and avid reader. Clint also heads up the Pro Tool Innovation Awards, an annual awards program honoring innovative tools and accessories across the trades.

I love the blower but the shoulder strap hook to the blower is a poor design. It comes off a lot. Purchased a new LB on eBay. Stopped working in 6 months and Ego refused to honor the warranty.

How do I get this thing fixed? All the Ego batteries work in any charger and on any device.

Using the larger batteries on the handheld tools trimmer, blower, etc is cumbersome, but can be done. I use the power head trimmer and the 5ah battery that comes with it works great, but is a little heavy. Menu Skip to content. Air Speed vs Volume You can always throttle up airspeed by adding a nozzle on the end of the tube—something, but the way, EGO plans to offer in Q4 for this new blower.Lots of people see leaf blowers as loud, fume-spewing wastes of fuel—but newer corded and cordless models offer plenty of power without those drawbacks, which apply primarily to gas-powered blowers that are rarely necessary at home.

The electric Toro F is light, with an easy one-handed speed control, and it moves leaves with a fury. It gets under dense, damp, or matted leaves to lift them and move them forward. We found the simple one-handed interface easy to use, and the curved handle gave us flexibility in positioning the angle of the airstream. The Toro also provides a second pommel grip at the front of the handle, which is a good thing because the airstream was so powerful in our tests that we sometimes relied on a second hand for better control.

The downsides: weight and cost. For properties more than an acre in size with lots of wooded areas, the Stihl BR offers useful design touches and moves leaves better than the competition. If your property is more than an acre and has densely wooded areas, and if you often need to blast a heap of leaves feet across a field, we suggest the Stihl BR You can certainly find more powerful blowers, but after we conducted a test of the Stihl against four competitors and put it through four years of long-term field testing by pro landscapers, our experts agreed that the midrange BR has all the power anyone would really need.

The BR is chock-full of smart design features, such as an upward-oriented gas fill and a well-protected gas cap. I own a acre property in rural New England that is loaded with maples and oaks, so leaf blowing is a crucial part of my winter preparation.

Blowers can clean pine needles from a gutter, blow dust out of your garage, clear grass clippings from a driveway, or get leaves out of thick ground-cover plants like vinca or pachysandra. They can even clear light dustings of snow. Another way to deal with leaves is to use a lawn mower with a mulching function. These mowers can slice and dice leaves into small pieces, leaving the bits behind to compost and provide nutrients to your lawn.

And leaf mulching clears only your lawn areas—you still need something for clearing walkways, flower beds, and stonework. Leaf blowers can be loud, so learn your local regulations regarding their operation. Some cities and towns have full-on leaf-blower bans, and others allow leaf blowing only during selected times. For example, Arlington, Massachusettsallows just one blower per 6, square feet, to be operated only 30 minutes at a time, with minute breaks in between.

Other communities adhere to maximum decibel levels. You can find several prominent styles of leaf blower to choose from: corded, cordless, and gas powered. Each has a unique set of trade-offs that make it ideal for different circumstances, but we think corded models are the best fit for most.

They need to be tethered to an outlet, so they might not be as maneuverable as other options, but they cost the least, have limitless run time, require almost no maintenance, emit a not-so-irritating sound, and issue zero emissions, all of which are major concerns for cordless and gas blowers.

Cordless blowers provide power similar to that of corded models but offer a much higher degree of maneuverability. Couple that with a charge time of around 90 minutes at least, usually moreand it potentially means a lot of starting and stopping, unless you have either a small lawn or a second battery which can get expensive.

On the good side, cordless models are generally the quietest blowers. Gas blowers, which were once the standard, are falling out of favor as cordless models gain efficiency. We prefer backpack gas blowers to handheld gas blowers: Engines are heavy, so by relocating the weight to your back, backpack blowers can offer a bigger, stronger engine and a larger gas tank for longer run time without putting any strain on your arm. As for the drawbacks, gas blowers are loud and stinky, and they require proper off-season storage; you also have to mix gas and oil precisely to fuel them up.

Concerns over emissions and noise have led many cities and neighborhoods to restrict or ban gas-powered leaf blowers entirely. We did the majority of our testing, specifically of the corded and cordless blowers, on a rural property in New Hampshire. The approximately 2-acre lawn is surrounded by, and dotted with, oak, maple, ash, and apple trees, all of which have leaves that drop in the fall.

We used the blowers around flower beds, cobblestone steps, and stone walls, as well as in dense ground cover like pachysandra and vinca. We also took the blowers into the woods to test them on the dense, damp mat of pine needles and leaves that make up the forest floor.

Through this testing, we kept an eye on the ease of the controls, the weight of the machines, and the overall ergonomics, looking subjectively at how far we could move leaves and how easily the air helped us steer the leaf pile around.

We tested the gas-powered models with help from Kevin Walker, a landscaper with 31 years of experience, and two of his crew Anthony, with nine years of experience, and Justin, with 12 years of experience.The purchase of this item requires you to exchange your old propane tank for a new filled propane tank.

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ego blower

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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Easily move heavy debris by pushing the turbo button for CFM. Choose between speeds of CFM for ultimate control. Delivers longer run time, low vibrations and an extended motor life. With the 5. With air speeds that compare to a category 5 hurricane of MPH, this blower can move wet leaves, rocks, mud, snow and more.

When you are ready to move the heavy debris hit the turbo button for CFM! All of this industry leading power is combined with industry leading run times; over 90 minutes of continuous run time. The high-efficiency brushless motor delivers longer run time, low vibrations and an extended motor life.

Turbine fan engineering, inspired by advanced aeronautics technology, performs better than premium gas-powered models. The included flat and tapered nozzles make clearing debris in all conditions easy. This quiet, light-weight and compact blower gets the job done faster and quieter than gas! Experience Power Beyond Belief without the noise, fuss and fumes.

The 5. In just 40 minutes, a depleted 2. In just 20 minutes, a depleted 2. The rapid charger will charge any EGO battery faster than the standard charger but both work interchangeably. The warranty period for any EGO product, battery pack and charger used for industrial, professional or commercial purpose is one year.

The warranty period for reconditioned or refurbished products used for residential purpose is 1 year, for industrial, professional or commercial purpose is 90 days. The warranty period for routine maintenance parts, such as, but not limited to, blades, trimmer heads, chain bars, saw chains, belts, scraper bars, blower nozzles, and all other EGO accessories is 90 days for residential purpose, 30 days for industrial, professional or commercial purpose.

We do not recommend using any EGO blower with snow as the risk of electric shock can be damaging to the tool.Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment has seen some incredible advances in recent years, providing the bulk of users with almost an entirely gas free way to maintain their yards. Today we take a look at a cordless blower that quite literally will blow you away.

One of the most contested tools in the OPE space are blowers. Right next to chainsaws, cordless blowers seem to draw a lot of questions on power, reliability and performance. That first trigger pull on my EGO Blower though, it had become more than evident that times had changed. This was no easy feat since it was already a top contender in the cordless OPE market. A Variable Speed Dial provides a range of power from CFM to CFM, when in use, the dial allows the user to skip depressing the trigger which can come in very handy when used for extended periods.

This feature is easily one of the most notable on the EGO Blower, and is a game changer for people like myself who tend to also get a fair amount of debris and wet leaves. EGO uses a brushless motor and unparalleled battery technology in their 56V Batteries to give the Blower its power. Weather Resistant Construction provides additional protection to your investment. Some of the batteries I own I have now had several years, and I have yet to have one fail on me.

One of the many great aspects of the EGO lineup today, is that their price points are incredibly competitive with gas tools. It used to be that a battery tool with enough power to perform was going to come at a really high price point. This is honestly a great value, and I believe it clocks in lower than their previous model, particularly the kit serves a solid serving of cost savings over purchasing the battery separately.

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Review Summary. Specs- Using a 5. The Bottom Line. EGO has yet to disappoint me. After years of using their tools, they still perform like they were right out of the box. The durable construction, overall power and solid value are all EGO signatures!

Full Review- Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment has seen some incredible advances in recent years, providing the bulk of users with almost an entirely gas free way to maintain their yards. With three acres of Texas propertyI spend a lot of time maintaining our land. With heavy leaf collection and a driveway that spans several hundred feet, blowers are one of the tools I am the hardest on, and one I use more than most. A few key things that have improved on this model start with their specs- CFM is the most powerful cordless blower on the market today.

There is more than enough power in this bad boy to move large quantities of leaves and debris, but also wet leaves the bane of all existencesmall rocks, sticks and does so with seemingly impossible power. EGO stuck true to their stellar battery platform, using 56Volts to power their entire line. Their battery technology alone is impressive, using advanced cells and improved cooling for superior run time and life of the battery.

As well the brushless motors have made providing incredible power and performance possible, where it seemed unlikely. The Turbo button is a really cool way to blast stubborn debris right out of the way quickly and when released you go right back to your standard speed. There are two uses I really love to use the lowest speed on, one is wrangling leaves into piles for discarding.

Hate raking? The second, is cleaning small amounts of dust out of the shop with. No matter what measures I take to reduce the sawdust made from woodworking, you will inevitably have some that crop up.

No one, myself included wants to spend time sweeping after you finish for the day, so a light blow out of the garage door, and I save myself a step the next day.

EGO LB5300 56V Blower Review – 530 CFM Cordless Beast!

EGO did a great job of focusing on producing really well made and well performing tools that can truly compete, if not beat, gas powered OPE. Share this: Email Facebook Pinterest Twitter.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Don't buy just any riding mower this season, wait for an EGO. Sign up now and be the first to see it. Power through yardwork with the 1 rated battery powered platform. Our newest mower delivers revolutionary power, mulches and bags like premium gas models, and features a reimagined self-propelled drive system that offers incredible control and performance.

ego blower

Universal battery compatibility gives you the convenience of using any size battery for any tool. Advanced battery technology, delivers or exceeds the power of gas—without the noise, fuss and fumes.

In every season, for any outdoor challenge, count on EGO tools to deliver the power, performance, and innovation you need.

ego blower

With air speeds that compare to a category 5 hurricane of MPH, this blower can move wet leaves, rocks, mud, snow and more. Just feed the line into the head and press a button to automatically rewind. Carbon fiber shaft is stronger than any other on the market, so strong that it's guaranteed for life. From registering your equipment and warranty information to customer support and how-to videos. Find everything you need to get the most out of your EGO tools. See what industry professionals, organizations and the press are saying about EGO power tools.

Be Ready for Hurricane Seasons with these 5 Essentials. Engineered to be lighter and have less vibration, these tools let you work comfortably for longer.

EGO 650 CFM Blower Review

Coming Early Wait for it No Seriously, Wait. Be The First To Know. Get the Details. Buy Now. How We Do It. Outperforms Gas Mowers Our newest mower delivers revolutionary power, mulches and bags like premium gas models, and features a reimagined self-propelled drive system that offers incredible control and performance. Learn More. The Power and Performance of Gas Advanced battery technology, delivers or exceeds the power of gas—without the noise, fuss and fumes.

Our customers love to show off their EGO. View Product. View All Products. Our award-winning tools earn praise from professionals See what industry professionals, organizations and the press are saying about EGO power tools. Read More. Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews.Some irregular shaped or oversized items may include a special handling charge. The charge will show on the product detail page of applicable products. Offer subject to change without notice. In stock expedited shipments will ship the same day, or the next business day for orders placed on a weekend, if the order is placed before 12 PM Central Time.

Non-expedited orders are processed for shipment within two business days of payment verification, excluding holidays. You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail once your order has shipped. The e-mail will provide your tracking number and link to the shipping carriers tracking page. No matter which equipment you buy, Ego offers a wide range of options for getting the performance you need between battery changes without having to stop working simply to recharge.

Affordable, Efficient, and Delivering Consistent Performance Acme Tools makes it easy to compare the features of cordless blowers by the innovative brand Ego. Start by selecting a power level necessary to perform any blowing task efficiently. An EGO-LBX volt lithium-ion cordless commercial blower can reliably deliver the endurance that landscaping and lawn care pros need to complete any job.

Why Buy Ego Cordless Blowers? Acme Tools stocks genuine Ego batteries and chargers. This item has been successfully added to your list. Continue Shopping. Click here for Detailed Offer Description Page. X Acme Tools offers fast order processing and great shipping options.

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